Kommando Kreativ had the honour to lead the creative direction for the ERROR ART FESTIVAL 2021.

The ERROR ART FESTIVAL wants to draw attention to the lack of tolerance and racist structures in Dinslaken – a city in North-Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. With the help of regional and national artists, it wants to break up familiar, long-established views in the city in order to strengthen social cohesion. Its aim is to foster cohesion, acceptance and diversity for Dinslaken to become a colourful city.


The creative direction followed an approach in which the lack of acceptance and lack of cohesion are perceived as an error and turns familiar error messages into a stylistic device.

Video Production

We produced a video series, which creates a platform for people to have a conversation and discussion about the topics that concern them.

You can find the full first episode of ‚Nachgefragt‘ below & here.


We tried to focus on the real experiences and include the voices of the people who had to deal with problems of acceptance before. Their thoughts as well as facts and information on the topic in general were part of the communication concept.

Visit the IG channel here.